The Synergy Effect Team

Kyle Ross
Chief Operating Officer
Sophie Weirather
Hiring & Performance Coach
Jessica Curtis
Operations Coordinator
Shelby Reilly
Brand Manager - Flat Tummy Co
Danielle Grandy
Brand Manager - Perfekt Beauty/Sneaky Vaunt
Lori Russell
Brand Manager - Hand MD
Matthew Vincenti
Director of Amazon/Sales
Brywinn Travers
Director of Sales & Marketing
Declan Allen
Digital Marketing - Flat Tummy Co
Anton Nestel
Digital Marketing - Third Party

Our Story

We are a growth engine


The Synergy Effect is not an agency, or a service provider. We are something entirely different. Our expansion is funded and formed from a listed consumer group experiencing unparalleled online growth for it’s brands. The Synergy Effect is the internal innovation and growth engine of Synergy CHC, and is responsible for the hyper growth in online brands like Flat Tummy Co and Sneaky Vaunt. We use our experience to drive growth using disruptive, innovative and measurable strategies, in the process building awareness and driving revenue.


Collaborate with Us

Social media stars, bloggers, vloggers and everyone with influence online - we are a partner in the digital world and offer great collaboration packages across various mediums. Find out more below.

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We're rapidly expanding and on the hunt for the very best talent in marketing and digital. Think you have what it takes and eager for a challenge to develop your skillset and leadership potential? Apply below.