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The New Digital Requires a new strategy

The digital world has changed. It is not changing. It’s not about to change. It has already changed. And so have consumers. To engage consumers and build brand exposure requires a new way of thinking. At The Synergy Effect, we call it ‘The New Digital’, and it refers to a completely innovative approach to digital marketing. It requires cutting edge techniques, disruptive marketing and an approach that understands the consumer journey at every point, all backed up, measured and optimized by data.


Powered by ‘The New Digital’ approach, The Synergy Effect is the growth engine exclusive to Synergy CHC owned brands.

Brands powered by

Flat Tummy Co

Astronomical online growth achieved, now with over 2 million social followers, deep brand awareness in US, Canadian, UK and Australian markets, and a digital presence that consistently delivers strong revenue online.

Brands powered by

Sneaky Vaunt

Explosive online launch, powered in particular by disruptive Instagram/Facebook strategies, with over 750K followers today. The Sneaky Vaunt product range has since expanded from the Original Push-Up bra into Bralettes, Panties, Shapewear, Robes, Bodysuits and Accessories, keeping our girls looking damn good 24/7.

Brands powered by

Hand MD

Recently launched online by The Synergy Effect, the first anti-aging skin care line specifically formulated for the hands has been an early success. A unique value proposition, a loyal following and amazing product reviews to date have the brand set up with a strong foundation for rapid growth.

Brands powered by

Perfekt Beauty

The no-make up, make-up brand boasting a range of very popular time-saving beauty products. Perfekt was previously a retail-only brand, with The Synergy Effect creating and establishing a strong e-commerce presence with social media as a major acquisition channel. Social and email databases are in excess of 100,000 after only 6 months and continue to grow exponentially.

Brands powered by

Coco White

Recently acquired by Synergy CHC, the wildly popular teeth whitening brand Coco White houses a range of products for whiter, healthier teeth. With a combined social following of over 400K, the foundation's are well-laid and the brand's ready for The Synergy Effect's fast growth model to take it to the next level.

Brands powered by

Focus Factor

America's #1 Brain Health Supplement is widely sold throughout North America's major retailers, including Costco, Walmart, Amazon, Walgreens, Sam's, CVS and many more. The Synergy Effect gave Focus Factor an online presence, with quality content both on site and on social (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) to support the companies exceptional growth.

Brands powered by


Thinkfuel is a brand new company boasting a range of nootropics crafted for specific needs, with products for gamers, athletes, students and many more. Currently available by limited release on, the brand is on the brink of a much-anticipated launch at, as well as at a number of major distribution outlets.

Brands powered by


Founded in Canada, Neuragen is clinically proven to reduce peripheral neuropathic pain quickly and without many of the side effects common with other solutions. The Synergy Effect will be providing Neuragen with an online presence to support it's very strong performance at retail.

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